Proactive Maintenance Helps Prevent Corrosion and Damage Caused By Ethanol in Gasoline Powered Engines.

Ethanol blended gasoline accounts for nearly 90% of all fuel sold in North America. Proven to break down, ethanol attracts moisture which leads to corrosion in the fuel tank.

Laboratory testing proves that CRC's PhaseGuard4 Stor & Go Ultimate Stabilizer & Ethanol Fuel Treatment provides better water removal (per modified ASTM D 1401), and better corrosion protection (per ASTM D665) than other leading ethanol fuel treatments.

4-in-1 Formula:

- Maximum Corrosion Protection

- Cleans Entire Fuel System

- Stabilizes Fuel in Storage & In Use

- Restores Power & MPG

When used regularly, PhaseGuard4 Stor & Go protects all gasoline 2- and 4-cycle vehicles and equipment by cleaning the entire fuel system and stabilizing fuel in storage and in use for up to 24 months. Prevents phase separation and protects against corrosion.

CRC PhaseGuard4 Stor & Go is available at Canadian Tire stores and other automotive distributors across Canada. Visit CRC Canada Co. for more information -

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